River side Auditorium available for corporate meetings, wedding and family functions. Upto 2000 people together in the open lawn "Aliyar Arangam" area in the Aliyar River Bank side.


Dheeran A/C hall will accommodate 300 persons.


A/C Mini Conference hall has capacity gor 25 persons meeting / board meeting.


Our room categories are A/c Bunker Cottages (Pool Villa), A/c Suite Rooms, A/c Executive Rooms, Budget Non A/c Rooms at affordable price.


  • HOLIDAY & GAMES - The area for indoor games for the entertainment for the staying guests
  • Swimming Pool
  • Alaudin frontage A/C permit rooms (Bar),
  • Multi-cusine A/C Restaurant
  • 300nos car parking at a time
  • "Rock Park" which is an area adjacent to the Aliyar River.


Aathoram A/c Restaurant

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Ayurvedic Spa

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Steam bath

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Swimming Pool

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Aathoram A/c Restaurant

A Paradise for Tasty Food Lovers

Restaurant join in one point at SRR with a magic of nature while you dine inside centralized air conditioned dining hall. The guests can have full view of river and enjoy the coconut breeze at this site.

This enchanting place presents the guest with air-conditioned ambience inside the restaurant.

The specialty of SRR is hot & spicy South Indian dishes. Our Aathoram A/c restaurant is great for family & friends for outing on leisure.

Spa & Ayurvedic Health Center

Typically offer various personal care treatments. We are offer on-site source of river water for hydro-therapy along with local herbs.


Ayurvedic Massages

Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicine that originated in India treats whole person and corrects any imbalances using herbs, diet, yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic massages.


Head Massage

Cool fingertips run along your neck, gently rubbing the tension away from your spine. They make their way up the back of your head. You close your eyes to rest. You're not dreaming you're enjoying a scalp massage.

Massage is one of the most common ways to reduce stress. It's a simple complementary medicine technique that involves kneading soft tissues in the body, which can create a calming effect and removing tension.


Shoulder Massage

Shoulder massage helps to stimulate the body's own natural healing mechanism.


Foot Massage

  • It helps relieve pain.
  • It helps improve blood circulation, thereby transferring more oxygen to the blood cells and thus helps in cleansing of the body.
  • It is really rejuvenating as it releases any blockages that can hold back energy.
  • A good foot massage is believed to improve symptoms in patients with multiple sclerosis.
  • And last, but certainly not the least, foot massage helps relieve stress and fatigue as it loosens stressed out muscles thereby proving instant relief.


Back Stroke Massage

It releases muscular spasms, rheumatic pain and stress related conditions in the neck, shoulder and back area which are so often stuff and tense.


Full Body Massage

This is a gentle whole body Ayurveda massage from head to toe using warm medicated oil. Oil is chosen by the Ayurveda experts according to prakarti (Psychosomatic constitution) and the illness of the person. Oils like Bala, Ashwagandhadi tailam, Chinchadi tailam, Kottanchukadi tailam, Sahcharadi tailam are used. The massage is done in a soft rhythmic way, one or two persons massaging at the same time for 45-60 minutes.


Powder Massage

This is highly effective to reduce body weight and to stay in shape and fit with no side effects.


Herbal Facial

Herbal skin care is extremely personal. You are unique and so is your facial skin. Depending upon your genetics, age, climate and environmental conditions, the best herbs to use for skin care will vary greatly.


Ayurvedic Face Pack

Ayurvedic face pack for glowing skin – it makes your skin glowing and smooth besides preventing formation of wrinkles and increases skin softness. Further, this pack normally, remove dead skin, cleanses clogged pore and tightens the skin and prevents sagging, rejuvenates the skin, maintains the tone and make it resistant to tanning and allergies.


Marma Theraphy

Marma's are point in the body where concentrated life force energy is located . They are part of the chakra , nadi, srota system of yoga. This balancing treatment focused on releasing energy blocks in the body and mind.Using essential oils and herbal pastes, marma points are gently massaged to balance the flow of energy. Marma therapy is tailored to your individual dosha balancing needs.


Face Theraphy

Facial treatments feature specially formulated that cells lose the ability to retain water as we age. Face Theraphy are designed to repair cell membranes while attracting water and nutrients to the cells. This unmatched approach is the basis for all of Massage Envy Spa's facial treatments.



The nose is the doorway to our brain & it is also the doorway to consciousness. The nasal administration of medicated oil in Ayurveda is called Nasayam. An excess of bodily humors accumulated in the eyes, throat, nose or head areas is removed through this process through nearest possible opening i.e. nose. Herbal juices, medicated oils, medicated fumes are applied through nose according to the time, dosage and duration prescribed in Ayurveda texts. Some of the oils used for the Nasayam are Anu tailam, Bala tailam and Shadbindu Tail.



It is Shashtik Shali Pind Sweden. One of the special forms of treatment widely practiced in Kerala. The body is made to perspire well through body massage specially cooked rice puddings in form of boluses tied up in cloth bag.



Pizhichil is a special type of massage done with squeezing a cloth soaked in oil over the body and is a combination of oil massage & fomentation. A gentle, synchronized, massage is carried out under the constant flow of warm herbal oil. During this treatment, patients is made to sit on a Ayurvedic droni specially made for this purpose. Oils used are Mahanarayan tailam, Karpasthyadi tailam, Kottanchukadi tailam, Chinchadi tailam, Karpuradi tailam, Sahcharadi tailam, Bala tailam, Ashwagandhadi tailam etc.

Steam Bath

Refresh your BODY

Soothes sore muscles, increases blood circulation, provides a relaxing healthy experience. We offer peaceful steam bath. This usually takes place in a sealed room with wooden benches similar to Sauna.

Swimming Pool

Water Relaxes your MIND & BODY

Amoeba shaped swimming pool is located amidst vast green lawn for moving around and also for conducting pool-side meetings, functions, buffet parties, etc. The swimming pool is build with imported equipment which speaks hi-tech quality. Pool is attached with steam-spa and modern bath rooms.


  • HOLIDAY & GAMES - The area for indoor games for the entertainment for the staying guests
  • Swimming Pool
  • Alaudin frontage A/C permit rooms (Bar),
  • Multi-cusine A/C Restaurant
  • 300nos car parking at a time
  • "Rock Park" which is an area adjacent to the Aliyar River.